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August 2011

Children’s Summer Activities Music Fun and Games

August 20th

Thank  you  to  Julie  Lye  for  a  fantastic  morning  of  music,  fun  and games. Here         are         some         of         the         photos         from         the         morning,         it         was         greatly   enjoyed      by      all      who     attended,  this  concludes  our  summer  activities for this year. Thanks      to      everyone      who      has      come      along      to      help,      it      was      a      joy      to   meet      all      the      children      and      be     able      to,      with      the      assistance      of      the   Williams            Trust,            offer            these            opportunities            within            the           Village Community.

Summer Activities Making Amazing Regal Crowns

August 19th

The      Pop      In      Place      Summer      Activities      mornings      got      off      to      a      great      start   with   Darrell   Wakelam making some really amazing regal crowns. We      are      so      fortunate      to      have      a      great      team      of      willing      helpers      who      are   ready   to   roll   up   their   sleeves and get involved. Have      a      look      at      the      gallery      of      images,      it      will      warm      the      heart      as      you   see      the      concentration      and     enjoyment  in  the  expressions  on  these young peoples faces as they develop their creativity. A         great         opportunity         within         the         village         during         the         long         summer   holiday.      Our      grateful      thanks     to  the  Thomas  Williams  Education  Trust who have funded our Summer Activities. Great      to      see      people      of      all      ages      working      in      such      positive      and      creative   ways   together   this   is   a   caring and vibrant community at its best
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