Apr 2011

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Good Friday at the Pop In Place..

April 22nd

Thank      you      to      everyone      who      attended      the      Pop      In      Place      this      Good   Friday   Morning   .A      special      thank      you     to      the      JC      Theatre      from      St      John      the      Baptist   Church      Bere      Regis      for      the      superb      puppet      show      .      The     Easter      bonnet   parade      was      wonderful      giving      our      judges      Max      and      Karen      a      really   difficult   task.   The     winners      were      Under      eights      Jordan      Burbidge      Hughes,      Over      eights   Jazmin      Burbidge      Hughes      and      the     winner      of      the      Adults      section      was   Gill      Hart.      Well      done      to      them      and      to      everyone      who      went      to      the trouble      of      making      a      bonnet      and      coming      along      to      the      parade,      you   were   all   fantastic.   We      have      posted     some      photos      of      the      morning      for      you      to      see,      and   everyone      on      the      team      at      the      Pop      In      Place      wishes     you      all      a      very   Happy   Easter.   Let      the      resurrection      joy      lift      us      from      loneliness      and      weakness      and   despair to strength and beauty and happiness. Floyd W Tomkins

Memory Morning..

April 13th

We      are      looking      forward      to      the      Memory      Morning      on      15th      of      July       it      is   our      first      event      this      year      in      aid     of      the      Pamela      Hoare      Tribute      Fund   supporting      the      sterling      work      done      by      the      Alzheimer’s      Society.      We will      have      an      Old      Bere      Regis      Photographic      Exhibition      organised      by   Paul      Bennett      and      local      historian     John      Pitfield            in      the      Lower      Hall.         A   coffee      morning      and      all      the      various      stalls      upstairs      .      We      hope      to     have   some      live      music      and      a      slide      show      by      wild      life      expert      Tony      Bates   entitled   “All   things   Bright   and Beautiful   in   Bere   Regis”Currently         in         the         U.K         there         are         750,000         with         dementia         it         is   estimated      that     by      2025      there      will      be      over      a      million      people      within   the   UK   with   dementia.   Please      come      along      to      this     event      and      help      the      Alzheimer’s      Society   who      are      leading      the      fight      against      dementia.      We      really      need     your   support      to      help      to      make      this            a      success      so      please      can      you      assist      by   either                  making         some        cakes         or         donating         a         raffle         prize,         or         just   turning      up      on      the      day      and      bringing      along      a      friend      and     showing  your support for a very worthy cause.

Over The Rainbow Sat. 25th June 2pm & 7pm..

April 25th

The      performers      group      have      made      an      excellent      start      on      the      new      summer   show      entitled      “over      the     Rainbow”      This      is      a      youth      based      project      where   the      youngsters      have      been      involved      in      the      writing      of     the      script,      the   choreography      and      are      being      encouraged      to      allow      the      production      to   develop      organically     using      their      own      ideas.      Our      show      director      Alison   Bennett      has      a      young      assistant      director      Jazmin     Burbidge      Hughes      and      she   is      learning      new      skills      and      offering      her      ideas      towards      the      end      production. Tickets  will  be  on  sale  for  early  May  and  are  £5  each  available  from  The Pop In Place. This      Production      promises      to      be      very      special      and      will      help      to      raise      much   needed   funds   for   The   British Heart Foundation.

Village Quiz..

Pop   In   Place   Annual   Village   Quiz   Monday   16   th      May   7.30   at   the   Drax   Hall.   Congratulations      to      the      team     called      the      Village      Idiots      who      won      the      quiz      for      the      second      time      in      a      row      and      very      many      thanks      to     Sue  Stone for setting the questions. A most enjoyable evening was had by all, thank you to all who attended.


Transport Details

We      are      pleased      to      announce      that      we      are      able      to      offer      transport      to      and      from      the      sessions      on     Mondays      and      Fridays      for      those      who      are   unable      to      walk      or      if      you      feel      that      you      would      like      some     support  in  attending  for  your  first  visit,  please  contact  Alison Bennett 01929  472023 to arrange this.
Alison Bennett receiving the Points Of Light Award 2018

Apr 2011

© 1996, Pop In Place.
Pop In Place

Good Friday at the Pop In


April 22nd

Thank  you  to  everyone  who  attended  the  Pop  In  Place  this  Good Friday Morning .A  special  thank  you  to  the  JC  Theatre  from  St  John  the  Baptist Church  Bere  Regis  for  the  superb  puppet  show  .  The  Easter  bonnet parade  was  wonderful  giving  our  judges  Max  and  Karen  a  really difficult task. The  winners  were  Under  eights  Jordan  Burbidge  Hughes,  Over  eights Jazmin  Burbidge  Hughes  and  the  winner  of  the  Adults  section  was Gill  Hart.  Well  done  to  them  and  to  everyone  who  went  to  the trouble  of  making  a  bonnet  and  coming  along  to  the  parade,  you were all fantastic. We  have  posted  some  photos  of  the  morning  for  you  to  see,  and everyone  on  the  team  at  the  Pop  In  Place  wishes  you  all  a  very Happy Easter. Let  the  resurrection  joy  lift  us  from  loneliness  and  weakness  and despair to strength and beauty and happiness. Floyd W Tomkins